15 Biggest Myths About Weight Loss

There are hundreds of ways to lose weight. Some seem strange, others contradict common sense. It is really difficult to separate the truth from the legend. Let’s find out the truth, and here is a list of the top 15 lies about losing weight.

Myth №1: low-carb diet

This method may help you lose weight quickly, but the effect will not last for long. Once the diet is changed, the weight will return almost instantly, moreover, in most cases, it leads to weight gain. Carbohydrates are essential to a healthy diet, and be sure to eat fruits, grains, nuts, vegetables, and seeds.

Myth №2: Fat reduction

Many people tend to buy fat-free or low-fat products to lose weight more effectively. Although these products do not contain fats, they include chemicals that enhance the flavor and texture of foods, and therefore low-fat or fat-free foods do not mean low calories. Therefore, these low-fat products can be more fat than full-fat foods. It is best to eat fresh and whole foods in moderation.

Myth №3: Eat certain foods to lose weight

Unfortunately, there are no foods that can burn fat and make you lose weight. However, some of them can speed up the body’s metabolism.

Myth № 4: Don’t eat after 8 pm

Everyone has a different diet and starving yourself in the evening is not the most distant approach to nutrition. The main point of any healthy nutrition is that you have a balanced diet. Of course, it is best to eat dinner no later than two hours before bedtime as this will benefit your digestion system. But in reality, there is no difference between whether you consume calories at 2 pm or 2 am, and the main reason for weight gain is that people who eat the night tend to eat a fatty meal due to an unbalanced diet throughout the day, so it is not about I eat after 8 pm.

Myth №5: Drink water and you will lose weight

Of course, water is important and you should drink it to maintain health. Unfortunately, drinking more water does not lead to weight loss. It is best to replace calorie-rich drinks with clean water, which will help you reduce calorie consumption and lose weight effectively.

Myth № 6: Green tea burns fat

In fact, green tea can help you lose weight, but unfortunately, drinking cups of tea (or supplements) will not lead to significant or permanent results of weight loss.

Myth 7: You can eat anything and do exercise only to lose weight

Many people are not ready for regular training, so they prefer to empty fast foods or vice versa. Cutting calories is actually an effective way to lose weight, but it is also important to pay attention to the quality of the food you eat to boost your health. However, the most effective way to lose weight is a combination of a healthy balanced diet and regular exercises.

Myth № 8: Natural weight loss products have no side effects

If any natural supplement can cause an effect, it is likely to cause side effects as well. It is always best to get the necessary vitamins and minerals from natural foods. For example, many people tend to buy weight loss supplements like conjugated linoleic acid. However, combining a healthy diet and regular exercise give the same effect. You can find this acid in eggs, meat, and dairy products.

Myth №9: Drink a soda diet to lose weight

In fact, diet soda is low in calories because it does not contain regular sugar, but it does not lead to weight loss. Diet soda contains artificial sweeteners that lead to overeating and causing weight gain. The thing is that the body is bluffing a substitute for sugar. You crave more and start eating too much to feel good. Therefore, it is best to eat sweet foods naturally like fruits.

Myth № 10: The more calories you cut, the better result

It may sound strange, but reducing the number of calories will cause you to gain weight. The problem is that when you are hungry, the body begins to store fat resulting in weight gain.

Myth № 11: You won it and you can lose it

Gaining weight is much easier than losing weight. The thing is that losing weight is usually related to changing the lifestyle that requires daily efforts. Unfortunately, weight loss usually happens slowly with lots of hillside along the way.

Myth 12: Removing food will help lose weight

It is extremely important to have all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed to stay healthy. Experts do not recommend removing a particular food from the diet because this approach is ineffective. However, it is possible to lose weight by limiting some foods but this is caused by consuming fewer calories.

Myth №13: Eating 6 small meals is best for losing weight

This method needs further investigation because the results of the study are highly controversial. For example, recent research has shown no difference in weight between those who eat calories in 3 meals versus 6 daily meals. Moreover, another study has shown that eating two large meals a day can be the ideal weight loss strategy for some people. Perhaps, eating 6 times a day may help Los