5 Ways to Launch Your Weight Loss Hormones

Did you know that it is not always the calories that increase the number on the scale? It could be your hormones, which can help you solve the puzzle of losing weight. Hormones regulate body weight, hunger, and metabolism. Here are 5 ways to make hormones work for your body, not against it.

1. Eat nutritious and nutritious foods

You may have noticed that after eating some foods, you will feel comfortable for a longer period, and they are more satisfying than others. As a result, you have less passion during the day. Here is the magic of leptin, the weight-loss hormone responsible for fullness. Look for healthy proteins and fats, which are an excellent way to nourish the body and stimulate leptin. Leptin indicates to the brain that you are no longer hungry. A recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition confirmed that a moderate increase in dietary protein, healthy fats, and full-fat dairy products improves satiety regulation and thus body weight.

2. Testosterone and muscle building

Testosterone is responsible for building muscle and is also a great tool for weight loss. You can easily get this sexual hormone by weight lifting! The more testosterone you have, the more weight you can lose while getting healthy and lean. You should feel mild muscle pain after the right amount of repetition. However, you do not necessarily have to go to the gym to activate testosterone! Raise a toddler, a car seat, or grocery shopping, and you’ll notice results!

3. Breakfast is the queen of weight loss

In the morning, your fasting is spoiled when your body burns calories. Your heart rate and respiratory rate slow down, which means you have a slow metabolism during rest. You need to start your metabolism, preferably with protein and fiber. Choose eggs, avocado, green salads, nuts and whole grain toast!

4. Sleep 7-8 hours!

The hunger hormone, ghrelin, increases if you do not sleep enough; while the levels of the weight-loss hormone, leptin, decrease. Therefore, you should eat more than energy and compensate for the discomfort, because your body believes that if you are tired, you need energy in the form of food!

5. Breathing

Yogis practice breathing techniques, which accelerate metabolism by changing the levels of adrenal hormones in the body. In a recent study, scientists asked participants to breathe through one slot, which they repeated 3-5 times a day for one month. They found that participants increased the comfort of their metabolic oxygen consumption by up to 40%, and this simple exercise helped them drop an average of 5-7 lbs.

You can always go back to your daily habits, or you can try these five tips and try weight loss. Trust me, if your hormones are under test, pounds will go down without starving or blowing into the gym!