The Blackwings Pencil: The Most Luxurious in the World

the foremost luxurious pencil within the world – Blackwings – are employed by prestigious recipients of the Academy, Pulitzer, Emmy and Grammy awards. The list is long and it includes some documented celebrities like Bernstein , Steinbeck and Chuck Jones who has used the Blackwings pencil to make the planet famous cartoon character Bugs Bunny and various other epic characters from the Looney Tunes. The origin of this pencil dates back to the 30s and at that time it had been first launched by Eberhard Faber of the renowned stationary brand Faber.

This pencil later lost its erstwhile popularity post-1998, despite its rich history – but it had been not completely gone. In fact, the fans of the Blackwings pencil began to pay an honest 40 dollars for one pencil on eBay- such is its popularity! Later, artists worldwide began to note a semblance between the standard of Palomino premium pencils and therefore the iconic Blackwing pencils with similar performance.

Hence, the founder and CEO of Palomino- Charles Berolzheimer (whose family association with the pencil industry dates back to mid 19th century) decided to revive the Blackwing pencil and re-launch it into the market in two forms- the first (“602”) for the fans, general users and writers and a softer pencil for artists.

Even the first 602 model was created with an equivalent black eraser, however, the opposite unconventional colored erasers used like pink then on- wasn’t a favorably received by the traditionalists who hated to ascertain their get altered. Blackwing pencils are supposedly the simplest writing instruments within the world and are particularly renowned for his or her shape, top quality graphite, replaceable eraser also because the number of celebrities it’s inspired along the years.

Palomino has now decided to leverage the recognition of those pencils and has now launched an innovative range of sketchbooks, folios and luxury notebooks that are of an identical top quality .