The Most Expensive Watches In The Whole Wide World

Considering that everybody has the precise time, in every timezone on earth, in their pocket in the least times, a mechanical watch that costs quite a house can appear to be a curious investment. But a lately , watches aren’t really about telling the time. Or rather, they are not almost telling the time.

Instead, they’re more like functional jewellery, how for men to shop for themselves something fancy but also know that what they’ve purchased does quite just look pretty. the simplest watches do, of course, look very pretty. But like an Italian sports car, your outlay also buys you precision engineering and decades of heritage. Which makes it all feel a touch more justifiable than dropping quite most mortgages on a hoop with an enormous diamond on.

The most expensive watches on earth, then, tend to fall under one among two camps. On the normal side, you’ve six- and sometimes seven-figure timepieces that earn their tag by squeezing incomprehensibly complicated engineering into teeny tiny cases. this is often where you will find the flagship watches by your Swiss old-guard (and the odd disruptive new brand), which use nothing quite cogs and gears to trace the movement of the planets, or chime like Big Ben . On the opposite side, you’ve watches that are expensive because they’re made up of expensive stuff – precious metals, hand-cut diamonds, bits of meteorites. Bling, basically. But once you want people to understand that you’ve got spent the GDP of a Pacific island on your watch, sometimes the simplest way is to form it glittery.

And then, a notch above both, you’ve your one-offs – watches owned by famous people, or long-dead people, or, counterintuitively, the watches were made slightly wrong and are, therefore, completely unique (read: collectable). With the vintage watch market booming, this is often where you will find your expensive watch record-breakers, the timepieces that choose the maximum amount as an honest Premier League midfielder.

Here are the priciest of the bunch. For the sake of fairness, we’ve overlooked the models that are caked in bazillions of diamonds. Because that does not actually matter , does it?

Girard-Perregaux Quasar Light Tourbillon – £300,000

As a part of a edition release of the signature Quasar model, the ‘Light’ model is one among just 18 worldwide.

Which doesn’t sound all that special. After all, big fancy watch marques do that all the time. Girard-Perregaux accrues its cool £300,000 pricetag however because of its tourbillon movement composed of 79 different parts. It took over 200 hours of labor , many operations and techniques honed over the course of 200 years. that kind of skill doesn’t come cheap.

Chopard L.U.C All-in-One ‘Janus Watch’ – £374,000

Chopard is understood together of the horological greats – and with good reason. After winning watch of the year for his or her ‘L.U.C Full Strike’ at the 2017 Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix , the marque dropped a well-known (yet no less exciting) watch the subsequent year, with a tag to match.

The L.U.C All-in-One combines exclusivity with well-known myth. Only ten watches in each edition (rose gold and platinum) were made – but the stimulus behind them is one most of the people are going to be conversant in .

Inspired by the Roman god Janus – famed for his two faces – this watch has two dials. It also bears some godly insides, too, with features that include a calendar , astronomical readings and a tourbillon – a posh rotating system which takes great skill to form . Sure, it’s going to set you back a hefty £374,000 (or more, counting on the exchange rate) but it’s safe to mention you can’t put a price on divine power.

Maitres Du Temps Chapter One Round Transparence – £404,000

Tick-tock supremos Maîtres du Temps are famous for bringing together a number of the foremost exceptional watchmakers within the world to collaborate on game-changing models – and therefore the ‘Chapter One Round Transparence’ is that the perfect example.

A mishmash of idiosyncratic design and ranging schools of horology (read: watchmaking), the ‘Chapter One’ is both classic and sophisticated . That’s to not mention the 18k red gold case and edition engraving that basically sets it apart (only 11 models were made).

At a wallet-demolishing £404,000, it stands out as a way sought-after tribute to the industry’s fascinating past and exciting future.

Christophe Claret DualTow Night Eagle – £445,000

If Batman wore a watch, this is able to be it. Not only is it packed out with gadgetry, but it also looks moodier than a 14 year-old boy at a garden centre.

Limited to 68 pieces, the ‘Night Eagle’ may be a modified version of the sooner ‘DualTow’ concept. The time is told on two revolving belts (no, not utility belts), and therefore the movement offers a chronograph with a special planetary ge