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What is the Average Diamond Size For An ring

What is the Average Diamond Size For An ring

If you’re thinking of proposing (or being proposed to), you’ll be wondering what the typical diamond size for a ring is. And if you’re not a Kardashian or a jeweler, you’ll not know the complexities of a diamond size.
What is the typical diamond size for a ring within the US?

According to a survey by, the national average diamond size for a ring within the US hovers around one carat. That brings the typical ring cost to about $6,000.

Here may be a partial check out ring size by US state:

  • Maryland: 1.75 ct
  • Michigan: 1.69 ct
  • Illinois: 1.59 ct
  • Alaska: 1.49 ct
  • New York: 1.47 ct
  • Texas: 1.47 ct
  • Florida: 1.47 ct
  • Virginia: 1.44 ct
  • Arkansas: 1.41 ct
  • California: 1.40 ct

Spending tip:

Most people need a large increase of about 20% to identify a size difference. and usually, diamond prices go up every 0.5 carats. At retail, going from a 1 carat right down to a 0.9 might prevent about $1,000.

What is the typical diamond size for an ring within the world?

  • United States: 1 carat ($6,000 approximate at retail)
  • Hong Kong: 0.7 carats ($4,000 approximate)
  • Australia: 0.7 carats
  • United Kingdom: 0.6 carats ($2,600 approximate)
  • Europe: 0.5 carats ($2,000 approximate)
  • China: 0.5 carats. However, engagement rings are a comparatively new phenomenon in China, so size preference there could change with time and recognition.
  • Singapore: 0.5 carats
  • Malaysia 0.4 carats ($1,500 approximate)
  • Japan: 0.3 carats, which has been attributed to generally slenderer finger size

Diamond size explained

A diamond’s “size” refers to the diamond’s carat size. However, there are other important factors that impact how big a middle stone diamond looks:

Shape: This refers to how a diamond looks geometrically: round brilliant, radiant, oval, pear and emerald cut diamond, etc. Some diamond shapes allow a lighter-weight diamond to seem bigger by spreading it out.

Depth: This refers to the measurement from a diamond’s bottom tip (“culet”) to its top surface (“table”).

Other factors: The direction of a setting may result in quite a difference in appearance. A diamond during a north-south setting could seem much smaller than one going east-west.

Diamond settings

The way a diamond is seated, or set, during a ring can influence its size appearance, too:

Prong settings are just what they sound like. Prongs hold onto the diamond.
Bezel settings remain very fashionable in diamond rings due to their presentation and therefore the way they secure the gem in situ. they are doing this by a metal strip completely or partly enclosing the diamond. you only don’t want the metal strip to dwarf the diamond.
Halo settings encircle a middle diamond with smaller diamonds. (Think: a diamond diva with backup singers/ blingers.) A halo setting makes a diamond look much bigger, which accounts for the recognition of this setting.

Celebrity ring diamond sizes

Famous people are a bit like us — except maybe with more ring bling:

Beyonce: 24-carat diamond ring (approximately $5 million)
Jennifer Lopez: 15-18 carat diamond ring ($1 million)
Kate Middleton: 12-carat ring

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